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Financial Aid applies to all approved semester/year programs!


As you prepare for study abroad, you and your parents may have questions about the cost of study abroad. Will it cost the same as study in Ithaca? Who do I pay? How does Financial Aid work?  These may be just a few of your questions. Cornell Abroad works hard to make the billing and payment process as easy as possible.

Essentially, the cost of study abroad depends on what program you attend. Costs vary greatly.

All semester/year students pay the Cornell International Program Tuition (CIPT) as well as a program tuition or fee. The CIPT for 2016-17 is $2,500 per semester (pending University Trustee approval), and covers the direct and indirect costs of study abroad, including the cost of financial aid. Students attending direct enrollment programs in Israel and the UK pay a CIPT of $3,000 per semester. The additional sum covers the services of on-site coordinators employed by Cornell Abroad. Students attending programs directly administered by Cornell pay a comprehensive Cornell Abroad Tuition that includes the CIPT, housing, and often meals.  See "Program Costs" page for a breakdown.  Students attending external programs pay the tuition and fees set by the program in addition to the CIPT.  Refer to the external program's website for cost information or to the estimated budget prepared by Cornell Abroad (see below).  Note: students on college exchange programs do not go through Cornell Abroad and continue to pay their college tuition.

Estimated Budgets:
Cornell Abroad prepares an estimated budget for each student which outlines charges that will be billed through the bursar system along with estimated expenses paid directly by the student. Programs vary greatly in terms of what is included in the tuition (for example, some include housing and some do not) and what is out-of-pocket (international airfare, immunizations, personal expenses).  Estimated budgets consider the range of expenses necessary for participation on study abroad and provide you with an assessment of total bottom-line costs.  Cornell Abroad sends a copy of the budget to the student, the parents (if the student has provided email address for the parents), and the Financial Aid office, if relevant, by the end of the semester prior to study abroad.

Cornell Abroad pays tuition and fees to your program and bills your bursar account for the charges. Installment plans still work. Students are responsible for program deposits. Students who have difficulty paying for out-of-pocket costs before disbursement of financial aid should see Kathy Lynch, Financial Manager.

Financial Aid:
The student Expected Family Contribution (EFC) remains the same for the academic year.  The Financial Aid Office uses the Estimated Budgets described above to make any necessary revisions to the student aid award.  Aid is adjusted according to the higher or lower total estimated costs of the program.  Students participating in an off-campus program should sign up for direct deposit through the Bursar's Office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Finance Manager, Kathy Lynch, 607-255-6224.

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Cornell Abroad 300 Caldwell Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 p: 607.255.6224 f: 607.255.8700

In an EMERGENCY for a student abroad, call the Cornell Police: 607.255.1111
Last modified 10/18/2016