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Summer/Short Term Study Abroad

Take a look at our Summer & Short-Term Flyer for information on offered programs, your college's requirements, and financing your abroad program!

If you feel that you cannot study abroad during the academic year, there is still a way to integrate an international experience!   Spending a summer or January term abroad doing coursework or an internship can be a wonderful way to enrich your Cornell education.

  • < Use the links under "see also" at the left to guide you in your planning and decision process.

When you know where and when you are going, and the program you have chosen is NOT a Cornell program, register below so that Cornell can know your plans.


Read the Venture Abroad Handbook, a short-term study & travel guide for Cornell students!

    Venture Abroad HB pix               

Application Process:

Research the various types of opportunities available to you and find the best option that fits your study plan. Apply directly to your selected program.  Registration and credit transfer varies by program type; in most cases you must petition your college to transfer the credit (see "College Guidelines" link at the left.)
Apply directly to your program and register with Cornell.

Register Here!

Some Considerations

Summer and semester study are different.  Summer study can provide a great opportunity to zero in on particular topics (ecology, human rights, intensive language, global health, sustainable development, etc.) but there is not enough time to delve deeply into the history and culture of a place. Costs per week or per credit are often higher and Cornell grant aid is not available.

Program Types:

  • “Direct Enrollment” options with local students are typically not available in the summer, nor are dorms. Some universities offer summer programs for foreign students.

  • Internships or Volunteering can be for credit or not, but usually you must pay for the organization to arrange the experience.

  • Language Institutes may or may not be accredited and are of variable quality.  Depending on the institution, courses may be open to business professionals and people of all ages.  Make sure you know what kind of transcript/certificate you will receive. Understand how credit will be transferred if you are counting on that.  (See A&S’ section on summer language study below).

  • “Free-standing” or “Island” programs are created especially for American study abroad students and are available any time of year.

  • Field-based programs may emphasize directed research or independent study.

GSA Partner

Cornell Abroad 300 Caldwell Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 p: 607.255.6224 f: 607.255.8700

In an EMERGENCY for a student abroad, call the Cornell Police: 607.255.1111
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