Travel Registry FAQs
Travel Registry FAQs

We apologize for any inconvience that you may have experienced in registering your travel at We are working hard to implement this new system but are aware that there are some kinks in the system. If these following FAQs do not answer your questions please email us at 


What are the basic steps to register?

Step 1 -- Click on register travel button.

Step 2 -- Click "yes" in answering the question: Are you currently a registered user at CU with Cornell NetID login credentials? and click the submit button.

*note* do not click on "Cornell Users" on this page -- this will cause the user to be logged into the StudioAbroad system. 

Step 3 -- Log in with your NetID and you will be forwarded to the the Travel Registry form. 

There is a YouTube Video here that shows you how to register as well that can walk you through. 

I don't see the traveler request form?

If you have arrived at a page that only asks for your location you have clicked on the "cornell users" button. Please back out of this page and go back to the page and begiin again. 

My location is not listed, what do I do?

If your location is not listed there are two possible reasons, there are two reasons. One may be that the database we are using does not have this location. In this case email us at However, more likely is the case there was a log in issue that occurred (see above).

Use the search feature for locations not listed and remember, our database is a listing of cities and then countries. 

How do I select my location? 

If you do not select your location properly and add it to your itinerary then you will receive an error message. 


What is a proxy registration?

Proxy registration allows any individual to register someone else for travel abroad. This is reserved for administrators to register colleagues and supervisors. 

What is an ITART registration?

Anyone going to one of the Cornell ITART countries must fill out an application to travel abroad. Please see this link for more information (link).

Do I have to register my travel if I am faculty or staff?

You do not have to register in the travel registry if you are faculty or staff but it is strongly encouraged.

Should I register my vacation plans?


I'm trying to confirm that someone registered, how do I do so?

You will receive a confirmation email of your registration after you register. If you need additional confirmation or access to the system please write