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Occasionally, students face circumstances (health, family matters, or a decision that the study abroad experience is not a good fit) that lead to the difficult decision to leave the program and return home.  This is a serious decision with possible emotional and financial implications.  In most cases, Cornell Abroad encourages students to work with the program to see if it is possible to continue the semester.  In cases where the student and family decide that an early departure is the best solution, it is essential to alert the program and Cornell Abroad as soon as possible as official notification is key to the refund process.  When possible, Cornell Abroad will work with the student and the relevant Cornell college to register the student at Cornell for the semester, or with the program if it is late in the semester, to see if the student can earn any credit for the work completed to date.

Tuition and Fee Refund Policy:

Cornell Administered Programs
With notification of withdrawal prior to the start-date of the program or within 6 days after the start date of the program, tuition and related fees for all Cornell managed programs*  will be refunded 100%, except for nonrecoverable costs (note: in some cases it may not be possible to recover funds allocated for housing arrangements).  *Cornell-Managed and Affiliated programs include the Berlin Consortium, the Bologna Consortial Studies Program, the Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona, the Cornell-Nepal Study Program, DIS, EDUCO, Kyoto, and the Michigan-Cornell-Penn Program in Seville.

Payment refunds more than six days after the start date of these programs will be on the following schedule, depending on actual date of student departure:

Date of Notification Maximum Amount of Refund
7 days after start date 90%
8-14 days after start date 80%
15-21 days after start date 70%
22-28 days after start date 60%
29-35 days after start date 40%
36-42 days after start date 20%
More than 42 days after start date NO Refund

Universities and Externally Sponsored Programs
*  Students participating on external programs are subject to the refund policies of the program/university, which need to be determined directly from the program sponsor. Cornell Abroad staff will provide assistance in finding out whom to contact to confirm these policies. Program web sites are often good initial resources for policies and procedures.
*  The Cornell International Program Tuition (CIPT) will be refunded in full until the official start date of your program, and afterward according to the schedule above.

Refund policies are typically based on a date of formal notification of withdrawal from the program. Should you decide to withdraw, it is imperative that you notify your program sponsor or university, and Cornell Abroad, immediately in writing.

Financial commitments regarding air travel, insurance, and visa applications are usually not covered by program refund policies. We suggest you work with your travel agent for purchase of airline tickets and any traveler's insurance you are considering.


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In an EMERGENCY for a student abroad, call the Cornell Police: 607.255.1111
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