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Morgan Fletcher, Spain


Make an Appointment with our Staff!: Students can now make appointments online to meet with Dr. Grace, Libby Okihiro, Ann Hoover, or Kathy Lynch.

Do you have a passport?: Your first step to study abroad! Apply now for your U.S. Passport. Learn how at:

Healthy Travel: Cornell Abroad stays abreast of health developments throughout the world. Click here for advice for your travel.

Bloggers posting from Abroad: Follow our Cornell Abroad bloggers studying this semester in Europe, Asia, and Africa!

IMPORTANT: Program Approval: Many, but not all, study abroad programs have as part of their application a special recommendation or approval form for your study abroad advisor. Your regional program advisor at Cornell Abroad will sign this form once you have approval from your college.

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Cornell offers a wide array of opportunities for a meaningful international experience to become a part of your Cornell education.  Choose to study abroad in universities, improve language skills, conduct fieldwork, engage in service learning, participate in an internship, or conduct research.

Learn about your college's policies for study abroad, explore program options, apply to programs, and track all the steps of your study abroad experience from this website.  Click the "Getting Started" tab which outlines steps to find the right program option for your education plan. 


Voices from Cornell Abroad: Each semester, Cornell Abroad invites several students to be our blog journalists. Hear about their experiences and those of previous students.

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Cornell Abroad 300 Caldwell Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 p: 607.255.6224 f: 607.255.8700

In an EMERGENCY for a student abroad, call the Cornell Police: 607.255.1111
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